Fix Gmail Error Code 500 | “Oops we are sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable”

Sep 21 2022

Gmail Temporary error (500) is an error in which as much as we retry our webpage, it remains to show this error.

There may be different reasons behind the occurrence of this error code, but don’t worry every problem have a solution.

This error 500 means an Internal Server Error which usually happens when the server faces an unexpected issue that stops the user from entering their mail.

Table of Contents

How this Gmail error 500 looks like

“Oops we are sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable”

Users Complain

  1. Complain about this Gmail error code 500 on google forums
  2.  Google temporary error 500 queries on quora
  1. Gmail: ‘temporary error (500) – numeric code: 0″?
  2. How to fix Gmail temporary error 500?

Significant & Easy guidance for Gmail temporary error 500

Verify the Internet Connection 

First and the important step is to check if you have a strong internet connection or not, because if your internet connection is not stable, then you may face this issue.

So, you should verify your internet connection speed. If it is working fine, then restart your computer and verify that your issue is gone or not.

Clear browser Cache Data

According to Gmail experts, sometimes due to incomplete and corrupt files, your Gmail account may face this errors. So, It is important that should clean all the cache data.

After doing this close your browser and open it again to check your issue.

Automatic Gmail Server Issue

Server Error and this type of problem occur when the mail server faces an unexpected situation that denies the users to access their Gmail account.

But you can’t do anything in this situation; you can only wait or complaint to Gmail technical support team.

Disable Extension & Adds of Your Browser

Extensions or add-ons you’ve placed on your browser can stop Gmail from working.

Turn off this extension one by one, then use Gmail again to examine if that resolves the obstacle.

You can also try to open Gmail in private or incognito mode.

Disable Your Antivirus Software

If your antivirus software is running in the background while using your Gmail account, then it can be a possible cause for this error 500 code. So it is recommended, to disable your security software.

Get In Touch With Gmail Support

When you complete all the above steps but still face the same issue then don’t worry because you still have a call option to the technical helpline. So try to use the methods as discussed above, which can be helpful for you to resolve the issue or else talk to a technical support representative.

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AOL Mail Not Working Now? Solve AOL Interruption In Few Moments

Sep 21 2022

Is your AOL mail not working today? Then don’t panic, because we’re here to give you support for AOL, we will give you a complete solution for the five most popular AOL issues.

Table of Contents

Common AOL Mail Problems Which User May Face

  1. AOL Sign in Disturbance

The sign-in issue is not only common for AOL users, but also for other email users like Yahoo. This can happen due to wrong login details provided by you or your account is being hacked by hackers.

In such circumstances, you can change your AOL password in few simple steps:-

  • Go to the AOL login page and enter your username and click on next.
  • On the next page, you will be requested to enter your password. Here, you will require to click on the <I forgot my password> option.
  • Now you will see three options to recover your AOL password:- choose one of them and verify that you are the owner of this account.
  • Once you finish this verification rules, you will be able to reach your account.
  1. AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone

Lots of users complain about this difficulty or about similar to this. Some say that they are unable to log in their account in I phone. And, some of them claim that they can only view the loading screen, etc.

Well, let’s see what quickly steps you can take to solve the problem.

  • Reset your network settings if you are not getting emails on the iPhone.
  • Activate airplane mode and deactivate in a few moments.
  • Fix the iPhone system maybe it is happening due to an iOS system error
  • Install AOL application instead of the mail application on iPhone
  • Contact the AOL Support For Help
  1. AOL Mail Unresponsive or Slow to load

Follow below steps if your Aol Mail Is Down or Slow to load

  • Clear Cache & Cookies = Sometime Browser cookies and cache may stop email from working properly.
  • Disable Antivirus Protection = Maybe firewall security rules preventing your Aol Mail for not working.
  • Check Your Internet connection = AOL mail will not respond properly if you are getting a bad Internet connection.
  •  Wait for Few Minutes = Sometime AOL mail down from server site
  • Update Browser = an outdated browser occurs AOL Problems, So make sure your browser is always up to date.
  1. The Problem In AOL Mail When Sending Email

Try below recommendations steps to get rid of AOL mail problems

  • Log out of your AOL Mail account and reboot your system. Then, sign in to your account again.
  • Check your internet connection speed and connectivity.
  • May be your browser has an issue or error, so try to use a different browser.
  • Disable your browser pop-up blocker before sending an email.
  • Clean up your browser cookies and history before sending an email.
  1. AOL Mail Not Working Because of Blerk error 1

This error code doesn’t let you sign in to your account. it is a browser-based error and occurs due to the setting of the browser.

Read on the complete post to find out how to fix this AOL Blerk error 1 within a really short period. Also, find out what precautions you need to take to bypass such errors in the future.

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Welcome to Contact Yahoo Helpdesk

Aug 12 2022

Do not get panic if you are having problems with Yahoo Mail Today. because Yahoo mail customer service is the one-stop solution for all Yahoo mail problems.

As we all know that Yahoo is one of the largest email platforms where you can send multiple emails to each other with data attachments. but sometime when we access Yahoo mail, we face some technical issues, where we need Yahoo technical support to solve our day to day issues.

So If you are handling challenges or issues while reaching your Yahoo mail, then don’t wait & immediately contact Yahoo helpdesk or Yahoo live chat support team of specialists. Who offers the best and safe support for every person who is getting technical errors.

Here in this article, we will tell you all possible options to get in touch with 24*7 Yahoo customer service.

List Of Services Offered By ContactYahoohelpdesk to rectify Yahoo issues:

• Immediate reaction and accurate service and beneficial Services
• Customer Care Support for Instant help in fixing Spam or Junk emails.
• Complete Yahoo helpline support Service for changing Mail password in an easy way.
• Most convenient and easier methods.
• Reasonable and efficient Yahoo technical support
• Around the clock approachability of Yahoo 2020 Customer Service Dept.
• Full Yahoo mail account recovery Support
Via Yahoo Toll-Free Helpline or Yahoo live chat.
• Best Yahoo support for signing up a new email account.
• All password related difficulties will be fixed
• Much more Support

List Of Common Yahoo Mail Problems With Solution

Why is my yahoo mail not sending emails?
Sometimes it happens with everyone, you simply cannot send emails. You open your email write several lines, insert the recipient’s addresses click Send but the email will not be sent.
So If you can’t send your emails try to follow the below steps.
• Verify your internet connection
• Disable your antivirus or firewall settings
• Verify your SMTP server connection
• Modify your SMTP port
How To Contact Yahoo BY Phone?
If you are a Yahoo pro user then surely you can contact Yahoo by phone for any issue, you can simply dial a Yahoo toll-free phone number to interact with the representative of Yahoo, who will give you a prompt solution whenever needed, they will analyze your error and give you a proper resolution for your issue without any charges.

How To Get Official Yahoo Mail Support?

Change or Reset password:
Yahoo Help Central:
Yahoo Support Community:
Help for Yahoo Account:
Facebook Page:
Headquarters: 701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, California 94089
Twitter Page:
Help Forum:
Small Business Contact:

Can I Recover My Yahoo Account Without A Phone Number?

No Medicine can cure your illness until you don’t understand about your disease Similarly, You are not able to fix your Yahoo Technical problem until you don’t know about the exact issues you are facing. Therefore it’s necessary to dial Yahoo Mail Customer Care Number and ask support from the Yahoo team because only experts can resolve your problem.

How Yahoo Help Central Can Help You?

Yahoo Help Central is the official Yahoo dashboard, which provides all the support options that users need to ask when they stuck in any trouble, It is the primary place where you should be looking for support to your problem.

Yahoo Help Central assists with all Yahoo-related issues and questions. So if you are facing an issue with your account, you can get a resolution using the Search option given on the page.

Understand these steps to get assistance:
• first, open Yahoo Help Center page on your browser.
• Begin with the keyword related to your problem with your Yahoo account in the given field.
Assume, If you have forgotten your Yahoo password, then enter the keyword like “ How can I recover my yahoo mail password?” and click on Search Help.
• Snapping on the Search Help button will send a list of Help Articles related to the keyword.
• Choose the relevant help guide and follow the guidance so you can fix the issue.

Yahoo Mail Customer Service number given by us is Toll-free and evermore beneficial. One does not have to come up Afterwards with any issue, once they go through our solution. As far away as our specialists are considered, they are skilled and Technical Specialist, young and certified. All holds years of experience in fixing all Yahoo glitches and giving one complete satisfaction.

So Get complete resolution of all, privacy and security issues, hacked or blocked mail account, forgotten or lost password, error with the server, CAPTCHA code is frustrating to understand, changing the avatar look, files attachment errors, storing data issues, Problems with installing Yahoo Mail APP In android and Mac Devices, suspicious activities being encountered in Yahoo mail account, Recovery of yahoo mail in case Forgot facebook account password and much more. There are several issues and troubles and those can last long, if not prevented early, So Don’t wait quickly Contact now Yahoo Toll-Free USA / UK Helpline at any time anywhere you want.

Can I Upgrade Email security Through Yahoo Live Chat?

Security is the first and very important in any emailing platform. There are several other mailing panels are also available that proposal different added security services and many times users can by themselves add or manage extra security to their Yahoo account, to keep them protected and secured. There is one of the most beneficial actions that Yahoo users can take and it is by allowing access key in Yahoo! Mail.

Some Steps to Log On to Yahoo Mail Using Account Key

• to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account using Account Key in a browser, you can use these steps:
• The first You have to type your Yahoo mail username or email address
• Click on Continue to use account key
• open the Yahoo mail app on your phone
• After that check the sign-in data
• Click yes if you want details

Follow Steps to Enable Access Key for Yahoo! Mail

To apply access key for your Yahoo mail account, users can use step by step direction mentioned below:
1. Being a Yahoo user you must require to be sure first, to install Mail app on your iOS or on Android devices
2. Then open the Yahoo mail app and next sign in into your account
3. After that, you can Press the account menu icon in your inbox
4. Afterward, tap the key icon next to your name
5. You can then touch on set up account key
6. After that select yes under sample account key
7. Tap on okay
8. Then tap on got it
9. then you need to verify Yahoo! Mail has a recovery phone number on file from where you can get text messages
10. You can after that enable account key
11. Now tap on great got it, while using the account key
12. After that make sure to set up application passwords for each email programs when you use Yahoo mail using IMAP or POP access
13. Login with the device and the app
How can I recover my yahoo password without a phone number or email?
Well in case you don’t have your phone number or email which you have registered while creating your Yahoo Account then you can recover Yahoo Password with a security question follow some basic steps to recover your yahoo password.
• First, you need to go the Password Helper.
• List your email address.
In case you have a mobile number, listed on your account, that option will display it.
• Tap No, I can’t receive a text.
You’ll view there your alternate email address.
• If you have access and password to that email then click Yes, email me.
After that “Recover access to your Yahoo account” email will be sent to your alternative email address.
• Submit the verification code that Yahoo sent you, then click Submit.
• Then Click Continue or Create a new password and update it on the spot.
Significant Note: If you don’t have an answer to the secret question and you do not have access to your alternative e-mail address or phone number, Then there is nothing else option you can do because Yahoo is not able to tell that you are the legal owner.
How to add Recovery option to Yahoo Mail account through Yahoo Mail Customer Service?
Yahoo Account Recovery
• In order to add the recovery email address or phone number for confirming your account you can take these important steps:
• The first thing you have to do is click your name in the top of the Yahoo Mail navigation bar.
• Later that follow the account info link
• Then Go to the account security section
• Now you log on using Access Key
• In order to Insert an email address for recovery
• After that Click on add recovery email address
• Now type the email address that you want to add over an email address
• Now click on the Send verification mail
• Check the email account whose address you have figured for a message from “Yahoo”
• Then follow the verification link in the email
• Afterward, click on verify
• You can also Insert a phone number for recovery
• Click add the recovery phone number
• click on phone number
• Enter the phone number above the mobile number
• After you have to click on send SMS
• Enter the code that you have received
• Now click on verify
These may be a long method, to follow on Yahoo and it may also take time. If you have little of time, and you are not able to follow the above-mentioned method then you can contact Yahoo helpdesk. Our certified and experienced technicians will remove all your hiccups and obstacles.
How to Contact Third- party USA / UK Yahoo Customer Service?
If you encounter Mail Problem you can Contact Yahoo helpdesk.
If you are handling the problem with your yahoo mail but Yahoo help Procedure isn’t helping, and you want to Contact Yahoo Support OR YAHOO CUSTOMER SERVICE for fixing your issue, then you can fill our contact form to get quick response or directly call to support team.
How to Contact Yahoo Mail help?
1) If you want to Contact Yahoo helpdesk you have various options. You can connect through Facebook or Twitter if you go to @YahooCare or @YahooCustomerCare.
2) If you want to Contact Yahoo helpdesk through email, you can create support request:
3) Then Go to the Yahoo Help screen in a browser.
4) Click the Mail tag at the head of that page to reach Yahoo Mail support options.
5) Then from the drop-down menu which is on the top left of the screen, choose which Yahoo Mail product is giving you trouble. The option includes Mail app for iOS, Mail app for Android, Mail for Desktop, Mobile Mail, or New Mail for Desktop.
6) Under Browse by Topic, pick the topic that fits your reason for contacting Yahoo Support.
7) If you don’t find your solution there, choose Mail for Desktop from the drop-down menu.
8) On the right side of the Yahoo Support screen, Tap Mail Quick Fix Tool to have Yahoo run a scan on your account.
9) On the screen that starts, Tap Go to the Yahoo Mail Quick Fix tool.
Open your Yahoo ID in the field provided at the top of the screen if it isn’t already entered there.
10) pick the problem you’re holding from the drop-down menu.
Enter another email address (not the Yahoo Mail address you’ve having troubles with) under Alternate Email.
11) In the next text box, give an email address you can access.
After Step to Contact Yahoo helpdesk
1) Write the code you view in the CAPTCHA box.
2) Tap Create Request to instruct Yahoo Support to scan your account for difficulties.
You can review your email account you give yahoo while contact USA yahoo helpdesk.
The whole method will take 24 hours.
If you have an Easy issue and don’t want to wait for a full scan of your Yahoo Mail account, click the Contact Us or Yahoo Help Community key on the Yahoo Help screen under the Mail tab.
Advice: According to Yahoo, if you view a Yahoo Mail Customer Service number posted online, it isn’t for Yahoo support Number. The call could result in a demand for a credit card, or account login data. Don’t give out this information and hang up. Support from Yahoo is free for all.
How Yahoo Pro User Can Avail 100% Satisaction From YAHOO CUSTOMER SUPPORT
Yahoo pro account is a premium email platform of Yahoo that gives the ad-free experience to the user with paid subscriptions. It is specialized support available for only Yahoo Pro users.
If you are a Yahoo pro user and need live support from Yahoo then follow the below steps.
• Go to the Yahoo help page in your browser.
• You will see the option “Speak with a live agent” click on that pop-up.
• It will redirect you to the next page, where you can take a direct contact number of Yahoo.

Disclaimer: is a third-party email support helpline service provider. It is not directly associated with any free webmail platforms. We are here to help a user to get rid of technical troubles in their email account.

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Yahoo Account Recovery How to Recover Forgot Yahoo Mail ID & Password?

Aug 12 2022

Are you facing trouble while access your Yahoo mail or forgot your yahoo ID? or even forgot yahoo password? And looking for yahoo account recovery?

Then you are landed on the right page you can Get the resolutions from here. And if you wanna know about how to set up yahoo account then also you can learn through our blog.

Well it is really easy to reset your Yahoo account password from your mobile or computer device if your account’s contact info is up to date.

But If your contact information is not up to date, Then you can follow the below steps for Yahoo account recovery. And if you don’t have time to follow these steps then call our us technical support phone number for Quick instant help.

Forgot Yahoo password? Here’s the solution that you should do

The first step before resetting your Yahoo password is that you should check that you are using the right password or Yahoo id or not and there should be no typographical mistakes in the entries (get assured that your caps lock and number lock keys are used as needed).

Once you have checked and sure regarding the zero typographical mistakes and still can’t remember your Id or password, then here are some easy steps to reset Yahoo password.

  1. Open first, put your Yahoo email address and click on “Continue”
  2. Then on next page tick “Forgot Password” this will open “Let’s take you into your account” page
  3. Now put your Yahoo mail address and Click “Continue
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code if mentioned and click “Submit
  5. Now in order to reset your Yahoo mail password, you will require verifying your identification by using any of the below options:

Alternative email address: If you have added an alternate email address in your account, then you can get a confirmation code to recover your Yahoo mail password.

Mobile Number: If you are having your mobile number on file and you can get the text message on the listed number, Then click “Yes, text me a code”. Yahoo will send a verifying code to your telephone. Enter that verification code in the blank box and tap “Verify”. Soon you can create a new password for your Yahoo account.

Security Questions: This option you can only see if you have secret questions on file with Yahoo. Once you set the right answers to the security questions, you can quickly change your Yahoo mail password.

Few Important Steps to remember about Yahoo password recovery

  1. First and important thing is always used the strong new password for your Yahoo mail account.
  2. If your Yahoo mail account is not used for 30 days, Yahoo will count it as discontinued or unused. Unused Yahoo account often gets removed from the server, making account recovery next to impossible.
  3. You will require updating your new sign-in password on your mobile apps as they won’t refresh automatically.
  4. Yahoo Account Has Been Hacked – If you observe that your old password was not running due to spamming or hacking, reach Yahoo customer care number immediately.
  5. Update your new contact info (Mobile Number & Alternate email address) in your Yahoo account if required.
  6. If you think someone other was using your account, we suggest changing your security questions and review your account perspectives

Ask Help form Yahoo Technical Team

Call Yahoo customer service number for best support to get out how to recover your yahoo account with no verification.

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Yahoo Small Business

Jul 20 2022

History, Feature, Plans & Yahoo Small Business Phone Number

Are you a Yahoo user and looking for Yahoo Small Business phone number? As it is one of the best & most prominent web portal and online search engines all around the world in today’s time.

Yahoo as a company also gives some business to people and they have described it as “Yahoo Small Business”. under this program, they give various products like websites builder, domain names, business emails, web hosting, stores, etc.

additionally, they offer partnership programs to interested people in a way to make them resellers of these services.

well, In short, It is a service that gives small business owners custom websites, domains, hosting eCommerce help, and business email plans. Hence, rather of helping you find businesses on the Web, Aabaco helps you get your small business on it.

Lets’s have a look at Features

Examine out the list below:

  • Free Domain and Business Mail
  • Site Builder
  • SSL Certificates
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Password Protection
  • Snapshot Backups
  • Site Search Capability
  • Multimedia Integrations
  • 24/7 Phone, Chat and Online Support

Here in this section, we will be sharing about HOW TO CONTACT  YAHOO SMALL BUSINESS via phone number.

The Phone Number for Yahoo small business is a process to contact a Yahoo customer care if you hold a small scale business and want to make questionings on how to have a business Yahoo Mail without a web hosting service or how to create a free website. The Yahoo small business customer support is a direct approach to contact a Yahoo agent and chat over the phone with the agent.

Contact Yahoo small business customer support through Yahoo live chat

The procedure needs you to have a Yahoo login ID before you can contact Yahoo for the question on your small-scale business.

  1. Login to your Yahoo small business account ID via Yahoo  Support

Contact Yahoo Small Business  Number

Note: You cannot apply normal Yahoo Mail account for Yahoo business mail account

  1. Select your business problem from the list of options accessible that you need bits of help
  2. A choice to contact Yahoo 24/7 via email, phone, and/or chat, depending on your subscription(s).

Once the choice comes up based on your subscription you can then go forward to describe your complain and request a way forward.

Here in this section, we will be sharing to customer care support available for the queries and support related to Yahoo India Small Business.

Tips for Yahoo Small Business Email

If you use Yahoo Business Email in your business, you may have picked the unlimited messaging service, webmail, and access through any email client software compatible with POP3 or SMTP. Because Yahoo Business Email displays your company’s domain name as the beginning of sending outgoing messages, the service retains your identity when interacting with customers and suppliers. Follow certain tips to get the most out of your account and your service.

Mobile access

When reaching your Yahoo Email from a Mobile-based on iPhone or Android, it will be important to use an email client software that can enter the mail by SMTP or POP3. The configuration methods vary depending on the device and the software you are using. The business email control panel and the online configuration resource can be accessed by the Yahoo web page, which gives you entrance to all the necessary settings for email connections and through your mobile devices.

Sending messages

If you regularly send emails with very big attachments, then you will notice that your Yahoo Business account supports transmissions over 25MB, which can improve the reception limitations of your email correspondence. It is also prudent to learn that according to your abuse and spam policies, Yahoo limits the number of messages you can send in an hour or day, as well as the number of receivers that can be added to a message. The service will not disclose these limits, so they will not know if you have activated them unless Yahoo tells you about the duration of the limitation of an account.

Protection of the account

If you are concerned that someone else besides you has had access to your Yahoo Business Email account, then you will be able to see data on some days in which the session start dates, places, times, as well as the methods, have been recorded. used to enter your account. You can set the “Location” to show the geographic data or the internet protocol address of the computer that registered the connection. If you detect unknown location information or access data, change your password quickly. If you or someone else makes numerous unsuccessful attempts to log in to your account, then Yahoo will block the account for 24 hours, while which time you will not be able to log in at all, to open your account again call to yahoo mail customer service.

Yahoo Small Business Hosting Prices, Plans & Features – {2019}

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Basic plan 100 GB 1 TB Unlimited $2.59 2.6 Details
Advanced plan 500 GB 5 TB Unlimited $3.89 2.4 Details
Premier plan Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $4.89 2.6 Details
Ecommerce BASIC Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $29.00 2.0 Details
Ecommerce PROFESSIONAL Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $79.00 2.0 Details
Ecommerce PREMIER Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $299.00 2.8 Details

Yahoo Small Business FAQ

Does Yahoo Small Business give a money-back guarantee?

So the answer is Yes, anyone can cancel your hosting plan within the first 30 days, and the company will fully transfer your hosting fees.

Does Yahoo Small Business give a free trial?

There was no remark of a free trial on the website. However, interested users may communicate with Yahoo customer service team through yahoo small business phone number to know more about their offerings.

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